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"Suitable employment" duties clarified on appeal

An employer's duty to provide suitable work for injured employees does not extend to previously injured workers whose incapacities have ceased, a tribunal full bench has confirmed in an important case.


Injury from recertification process wasn't work-related

A worker has unsuccessfully claimed his employer unreasonably withheld work from him after he recovered from a back injury and this caused his psychological condition. A tribunal found the "recertification" process that troubled the worker was "not work-related.


High Court ruling defeats worker's pain claim

A major employer's liability for the aggravation of a worker's back injury ceased when the work-related component of her condition resolved, a tribunal has ruled in referring to a High Court judgment, and rejecting the worker's claim that looking down at work contributed to her incapacity.


Bullied worker incapable of alternative employment

An appeals commission has quashed an employer's claim that it isn't liable for a bullied worker's psych injury because her "age, education, skills and work experience" show she can perform any "suitable employment" of her choosing.


Beware vicious circle of workplace MSD and psych risks

Psychosocial risk management is not only crucial to preventing workplace musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) but ensuring injuries don't become chronic and block rehabilitation, a major safety agency has found.


FWC rejects long-term absent worker's IME claims

A worker dismissed after being on sick leave for 16 months, after a safety stoush, has unsuccessfully claimed her employer had been obligated to send her for an independent medical examination (IME) to ascertain her capacity.


Worker left in "limbo land" after assault by colleague

An appeals commission has confirmed an injured worker's incapacity, after allegedly being s-xually assaulted by a colleague at a social event, was caused by her employer's conduct in managing her return to work.


Employer slammed by FWC for "dropping" injured worker

A commission has ordered a large employer to compensate a worker it dropped "like a hot potato" as soon his workers' comp entitlements ceased, blasting its "disappointing and disturbing" failure to inform itself of its obligations to workers who can't work because of injury or illness.

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