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Worker wins $1m for repeated backward glances

An employer's failure to ensure a worker didn't need to constantly glance backwards while operating a machine - by, for example, installing a mirror or rear-vision camera - was a breach of its common law duty, an appeals court has found.


Responsive measures too late for overworked worker

An employer took quick and "responsive" steps after a worker complained of not coping with her workload, but its efforts to mitigate her "unattainable" and injury-causing load came too late, a commission has found.


New near-miss duties pass Parliament; and more

  • New near-miss duties and injury provisions pass in Vic; and
  • Miller to identify barriers to managing ACT's psychosocial hazards.

Govt employer fails to defeat football injury claim

An employer cannot avoid liability for the injuries sustained by a worker in a football game, with his colleagues, through a doctor's vague suggestion that the game was not work-related.


Enhanced risks assessments urged for carcinogen

A case report on a Scandinavian firefighter with melanoma has highlighted the dangers of a banned but still prevalent hazardous substance, and the need to assess the interaction of multiple workplace risk factors and the effectiveness of PPE.


Employer liable for injuries after "ambushing" unwell HSR

A major employer's conduct towards a health and safety representative after a safety meeting has been slammed by a tribunal, in throwing out the company's reasonable action claim.


Unexplained interruption blocks fatal-journey claim

A worker's fatal complications from car crash injuries, sustained on a journey from his workplace to his home, did not arise out of his employment, a court has found in upholding an appeal.

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