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"Green tick" vaccine checks deemed unsafe for worksites

A plan to allow workers in a hazardous industry to prove their COVID-19 vaccination status through a "green tick approach" would be too susceptible to human error and could have "catastrophic" WHS consequences, a commission has ruled. Meanwhile, Tasmania has applied its close contact exemptions to more sectors.


Q4 2021: Legislation, caselaw and COVID review

An important ruling on the WHS consultation duties around COVID-19 vaccines, several reckless conduct cases and a string of legislative developments were among the safety and workers' comp highlights of the final quarter of 2021. Read this article for everything you need to know from the past three months.


FWC rejects worker's vaccine claims and $50m clause

A commission has upheld the dismissal of a worker for refusing to get regular flu shots. The man claimed his employer's vaccine directions involved unlawful coercion, and it should have agreed to pay him millions of dollars in compensation for any adverse effects from vaccines or masks.


Beware burnout "cure" and other work wellbeing myths

Pervasive wellbeing myths that block employers from improving their workers' wellbeing, and can waste time and money, include that paid mental health leave "cures" burnout, and wellbeing apps can replace social support, a new report has warned.


COVID plan drives home fatal forklift and truck risks

The controversial plan to reduce age limits for forklift drivers and ease other licensing requirements for the COVID-19 pandemic has served as an important reminder, to employers, on the risks associated with forklifts and in the country's "deadliest industry".


High-spend EU accepted for pre-amendment fatality

A PCBU has been permitted to enter a WHS undertaking, with a minimum spend of nearly $3 million, in lieu of prosecution over a fatality in Queensland, which occurred prior to the State banning undertakings for alleged offences involving deaths.


Height workers needed to unhook harnesses for task

A PCBU implemented a fall protection measure that was not practical to use, prior to a worker falling 6.5 metres off a roof, a court has found in convicting and fining the business.

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