Forfeit order and WHS fine follow Standard breaches

A man has been fined for category 2 and 3 WHS breaches and ordered to forfeit unsafe plant for destruction, after two of his patrons were seriously injured.


"Gold standard" first aid added to working-in-heat guide

National guidance on controlling work-related heat risks has been amended to include what has been described as the first-aid "gold standard" for workers with heat stroke.


PCBU failed to comply with clause on ignition sources

An employer has been fined $180,000, after its failure to control ignition points and flammable vapours led to three workers sustaining devastating burns with "lifelong effects" in an explosion.


Countermeasures to grogginess found by work research

A study on a workplace sleep issue that costs Australian employers $2.25 billion per year has highlighted the strategic use of caffeine, light and sound to counteract grogginess and cognitive impairments.


New WHS Code released, fatality toll increases again

Safe Work Australia has published a new WHS Code of Practice, revealed, in its latest statistics report, that the nation's work-related fatality rate increased two years in a row, and informed gig employers of their workers' comp obligations.


Work death linked to dehydration attracts safety fine

A major employer has been fined for failing to ensure three workers, who were required to walk dozens of kilometres in high temperatures, were trained to identify and control the risks associated with exposure to extreme conditions. One of the workers died.


Injury-causing actions deemed reasonable

A team leader's occasionally "less than polite" correspondence with a worker, who developed a psychiatric condition, did not constitute bullying or unreasonable administrative action, a tribunal has found.


Qantas worker not forced to resign over mask mandate

A flight attendant has lost her claim that a national airline forced her to resign through its "combative" conduct in refusing to medically exempt her from its face-mask mandate for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Employers told to tackle all hazards, not just COVID-19, and to eliminate forklifts

As more workplaces reopen under easing COVID-19 restrictions, employers have been warned to proactively tackle all hazards, and reminded of "mangle", shock" and "sever" risks. Meanwhile, a regulator has urged employers to get rid of their forklifts, where reasonably practicable, following two recent fatalities.

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