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Second PCBU fined for fall-causing consultation breaches

A second PCBU has been convicted over a worker's two-metre fall, and fined more heavily than the first PCBU, after its failure to consult and coordinate with other parties on a task it knew to be dangerous resulted in the incident.


Manslaughter Bill a "strong signal" on WHS expectations

Ahead of introducing a WHS Bill creating the offence of industrial manslaughter, the NSW Opposition has highlighted the deterrent effect of tougher safety laws, and raised concerns about a recent case where a company avoided category-1 charges for a fatality-causing offence "of the utmost objective gravity".


Easing COVID restrictions; Quarterly update; and more

  • Easing of COVID restrictions accelerated for offices;
  • Diesel threshold commences in NSW, regulatory approach revealed;
  • Company charged with category-1 safety breach of HVNL; and
  • Did you miss our latest major WHS and COVID review?

Workplace dust and emission rules tightened in Vic, NSW

Employers will be required to prepare a "silica hazard control statement" and obtain a special licence under proposed Victorian regulations affecting four sectors and 24 sub-industries. Meanwhile, tighter workplace exposure thresholds, including for diesel emissions, take effect in NSW next week.


WHS clauses and PCBU guidance amended

Safe Work Australia has updated the model WHS Regulations and its guidance on the meaning of "person conducting a business or undertaking", while WHS provisions have been amended in NSW and South Australia, and the ACT has established a public register for reporting infringements by WHS licensees.


Employer fined $540k; WHS guides released; and more

  • Alarms ignored, worker killed, employer fined $540k;
  • WHS guides for worker accommodation and events released in NSW; and
  • WHS exemption extended in NSW.

WHS scrutiny increased; WHS laws reviewed; and more

  • WHS scrutiny increased by NSW budget, record inspector numbers;
  • Forty recommendations made for NSW WHS Mines Act; and
  • Employers told to prepare for bushfire season.

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