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9 parties fined in latest case on WHS "resolution" clause

In the latest major case on a WHS provision for "resolving" disputes, a union and eight of its officials have been fined for right-of-entry breaches at an incident-strewn infrastructure project.


High-stress role doesn't excuse bullying, denigration

A doctor's role in "one of the most stressful occupations" did not excuse his conduct in bullying and denigrating workers during a complex procedure, a commission has found in upholding a sanction against the man.


Heat-fatality inquiry follows two prosecutions

A European holiday worker, whose heat stroke death in Queensland resulted in two WHS prosecutions, was neither acclimatised to the area nor provided with adequate opportunities to escape from the sun, a coroner has found.


Key WHS judgments go against police and employer

In one of two important judgments involving a long-running battle between an employer and a union, an appeals court has warned that a trespass finding against four WHS entry permit holders could have encouraged workplaces to deliberately obstruct such officials, hindering the objectives of safety laws.


"Tormented" worker wins record damages on appeal

A court has nearly quadrupled the damages awarded to a worker who sustained psychological injuries from being subjected to "lewd and disgusting behaviour" from her manager, and from the prospect of being humiliated and demeaned on a daily basis.


PCBU beats WHS notice on emergency plan

An employer has successfully challenged a WHS inspector's improvement notice targeting its emergency response plan and firefighting equipment, contending the inspector relied on building codes he had no jurisdiction to enforce.


Judge overturns WHS intimidation verdict

A union official has successfully challenged a ruling that he contravened WHS laws in intimidating a safety inspector during a discussion on a site's evacuation plan, where the inspector cast "apparently demeaning aspersions" against the union.


WHS duty to labour-hire workers clarified in failed appeal

A company and its director have failed to overturn their WHS convictions and fines by claiming they had no control over, and therefore no safety duty to, a labour-hire worker who fell through a void.

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