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Company bypassed Code of Practice and safety policies

A development company that disregarded a Code of Practice and its own procedures, apparently to save two hours of work, has been fined for safety breaches.


Workplace COVID vaccines facilitated by program launch

Australian employers can start organising workplace COVID-19 vaccination regimes, with the Federal Government launching its "vaccine administration partners program" today. Meanwhile, researchers have highlighted the critical role that visual cues can play in improving hygiene practices to limit the spread of the coronavirus and the flu.


Hazard control strategies explained for R U OK? Day

For R U OK? Day today, a clinical services expert has highlighted the difficulties of meeting work demands during the COVID-19 pandemic, and stressed that reaching out to colleagues can "spark a life-changing conversation". Meanwhile, a safety regulator has outlined how to develop a mentally healthy workplace through the risk management process.


"Positive" safety duties moved for harassment Bill

PCBUs will be required by both anti-discrimination and employment laws to proactively eliminate work-related s-xual harassment and victimisation, under proposed amendments moved in the Federal Senate. Meanwhile, Western Australians have been asked to comment on whether to add a "positive duty" to the State's equal opportunity legislation.


Unsafe BHP work road caused PTSD

Resources giant BHP has been ordered to pay nearly $600,000 in damages to a worker who was injured in an incident that also attracted a safety fine. The man hurt his back and developed post-traumatic stress disorder after an unsafe BHP road forced him to engage in dangerous driving.

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