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Q4 2021: Legislation, caselaw and COVID review

An important ruling on the WHS consultation duties around COVID-19 vaccines, several reckless conduct cases and a string of legislative developments were among the safety and workers' comp highlights of the final quarter of 2021. Read this article for everything you need to know from the past three months.


"Suitable employment" duties clarified on appeal

An employer's duty to provide suitable work for injured employees does not extend to previously injured workers whose incapacities have ceased, a tribunal full bench has confirmed in an important case.


Injury from recertification process wasn't work-related

A worker has unsuccessfully claimed his employer unreasonably withheld work from him after he recovered from a back injury and this caused his psychological condition. A tribunal found the "recertification" process that troubled the worker was "not work-related.


Proactive ergonomic steps prevent injuries, block claim

A tribunal has highlighted an employer's efforts to accommodate a worker's ergonomic concerns and make workplace adjustments for him based on medical recommendations, in rejecting his claim that data entry work caused compensable "writer's cramp" and carpal tunnel syndrome.


OHS Alert highlights from the past three months

This is OHS Alert's final article of the year, and we're leaving you with a review of some of our most-viewed stories from the fourth quarter of 2021.


"Shorthand" process for plant leads to incomplete repairs and $2.9m damages award

A Nestlé site's informal notebook for tagging out faulty forklifts, which did not allow information to be recorded "beyond three or four words", and lacked a report-back process for technicians, caused a worker's amputation, an appeals court has confirmed in a $2.9 million damages case.

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