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Qantas vaccine mandate supported by employee survey

The Qantas Group has highlighted its duty to provide the "safest possible environment" to its employees, and the fact that a single worker can come into contact with thousands of people in a single day, in announcing a two-part COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its workforce.


COVID vaccine mandate defended as "business decision"

Employer SPC has hit back at claims it failed to consult workers on its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination regime, stressing the mandate is a "business decision" to ensure the health and safety of staff and others.


Eight recommendations for preventing COVID burnout

More than half of Australia's frontline workers are suffering burnout from COVID-19, with triggers including inadequate PPE and confusing organisational communication, a major study that makes eight recommendations has found.


Why mandatory COVID vaccine policies could backfire

Ill-considered decisions on the COVID-19 vaccination, and on whether it should be mandatory for workers, could result in employers facing costly discrimination, harassment and bullying claims, a leading workplace advisor has warned.


Consultation vital for psychosocial risk assessment tool

Sitting down with workers to hear their experiences of psychosocial hazards, and what they want done about them, is a critical part of minimising physical and psychological harm, according to a senior safety inspector.


Two employers fined over safety consultation flaws

A labour-hire company and a host employer have both been fined for safety failures relating to unguarded plant, with a court outlining the measures the former could have taken to prevent an injury and prosecution.


Second PCBU fined for fall-causing consultation breaches

A second PCBU has been convicted over a worker's two-metre fall, and fined more heavily than the first PCBU, after its failure to consult and coordinate with other parties on a task it knew to be dangerous resulted in the incident.

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