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Nurse's return-to-work duties contributed to carpal tunnel

The causation of carpal tunnel syndrome continues to be a vexed issue for workers' compensation tribunals, with one recently concluding that a nurse's work in a busy emergency department was a significant contributing factor in her developing bilateral CTS.


Worker wins $5.6m for injuries triggered by site clutter

An employer's failure to address the obvious risks posed by its "incredibly cluttered" warehouse set off a "catastrophic" sequence of events, and has led to a $5.6 million damages award to an injured worker.


Participatory ergonomics optimises risk awareness, safety

Workers' experiences are invaluable in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and can be leveraged to optimise ergonomic interventions, ranging from a small redesign to a workforce overhaul, Europe's peak work safety body says.


Woolworths fined for equipment safety "blind spot"

A supermarket giant has been convicted of WHS offences after a "blind spot" in its inspection and maintenance regime allowed degraded equipment to fall on a worker, inflicting multiple fractures.


Employer not liable for occupational assessment remarks

An occupational physician's comment to a worker that he might be made redundant was not work-related and his employer was not liable for any consequential mental injuries, a tribunal has found.


Scope of safety duty to subcontractors clarified by judge

A court has examined the scope of a principal contractor's safety duties to the employees of subcontractors, in rejecting an injured worker's claim that the principal should have prevented his employer from requiring him to work in cramped spaces.


Worker awarded $1.1m for lack of manual handling help

A worker has been awarded more than $1.1 million in damages, after her employer's instructions against lifting heavy stock were not relayed to staff, causing her to suffer incapacitating back injuries.


Absence of safety "recalibration" constituted negligence

A business operator's ambiguous and incomplete request for assistance with a hazardous task resulted in a worker unstrapping a heavy truck load before it was secured by a crane, and sustaining injuries, a court has found.


Failure to provide safety equipment costs venture $1.3m

A worker with serious strain and lifting injuries has been awarded $1.3 million in damages, with a court finding his employer, a major joint-venture company, could have prevented the risks through simple precautions, including one involving a $400 spend.

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