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Visibility issues, repetition and sitting increase risks

Poor visual or lighting conditions can cause workers to adopt poor postures to see better, resulting in musculoskeletal disorders, occupational medicine experts say.


Worker awarded $635k, blames blunt knife for injury

An injured worker has been awarded about $635,000 in damages, after a court found his employer's failure to identify his tasks as hazardous manual handling, in breach of safety regulations, caused his disabling musculoskeletal injury.


Why are workplaces still failing to prevent MSDs?

A leading safety and ergonomics expert is urging employers to ensure their musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) prevention programs incorporate worker participation. She says neglecting to do so is one of four significant evidence-to-practice gaps holding back improvement in MSD rates.


Three work postures linked to back pain, damage cycle

A major study of agricultural workers has provided important safety lessons to all industries, identifying three work postures that significantly contribute to lower back pain.


"Light" duties cause further harm, worker wins $700k

An employer that directed a worker to move hundreds of boxes, and then assigned him what it wrongly believed to be light duties after he became injured, has been ordered to pay him more than $700,000 in damages for his incapacitating neck and shoulder injuries.


Workplace case study highlights layered causes of MSDs

A leading ergonomist has warned against the practice of attributing workplace musculoskeletal disorders to a lone "artefact", stressing they result from a "myriad of colluding factors".


Expert's "uncertainty" doesn't defeat worker's claim

A medical expert engaged by an employer's insurer failed to explain why he reversed his finding that a worker's neck injury was caused by a work incident, a superior court has found in rejecting the employer's fight against liability.


Fuzzy injury dates not fatal to workers' claims: court

An injured worker's right to access benefits must not depend on whether he or she can prove the exact date the injury occurred, given many conditions are caused by an "accumulation of activities" or aren't immediately symptomatic, a judge has ruled.

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