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Diligent task planning required for older personnel: study

Employers have been urged to take special care to adapt work tasks for their older employees in physically demanding jobs, after a major European study conclusively showed these workers are far more likely to experience long-term sickness absences.


Blood pressure levels slashed by white-collar strategy

A ground-breaking study of thousands of white-collar workers has found psychosocial interventions, like slowing the implementation of large projects to prevent excessive workload, significantly reduce the risk of hypertension, with the benefits lasting for years.


Organisational factors drive safe and unsafe behaviours

An investigation into the major factors influencing unsafe behaviours by workers has found that safety experts perceive organisational structures as being greater contributing factors than individual traits or socioeconomic issues.


COVID-19: expensive workplace screening tool popular but ineffective, cheap tool works

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to devastate India and other parts of the world, and Australia's vaccine rollout encountering difficulties, workplace pandemic controls and screening are as important as ever. Two new studies have found simple "active" olfactory tests of workers are highly effective, but temperature checks border on useless.


Bullying triggers and WHS duties detailed by NSW probe

The NSW Government has committed to adopting a string of recommendations on the anti-bullying policies for ministerial offices, made in a report examining the WHS duties of MPs and "officers", and best practice bullying-response procedures used in the private sector and other jurisdictions.


Sedentary work linked to common deadly cancer

Occupational sedentary behaviour is exposing workers to a significantly increased risk of one of the world's deadliest cancers, researchers have found.


Workplace app boosts wellbeing in midst of COVID crisis

A cheap "ambulatory" psychological health intervention provided to frontline workers, in a region hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, boosted participants' positive emotions within minutes, helping them cope with distressing situations, a study has found.


Working from home improves wellbeing - for some

A comprehensive study on the impact of a COVID-19 lockdown in Europe shows that while working from home is associated with quality-of-life improvements in some groups, its benefits are not shared by everybody, and it is likely to have a negative impact on productivity.


Q1 2021: Legislation, caselaw and COVID update

A key role of safety professionals, managers and officers is acquiring and keeping up-to-date knowledge of health and safety issues. In this report, OHS Alert examines all the need-to-know work safety, workers' compensation and COVID-19 developments from the first three months of 2021.

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