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Worker reinstated after fighting mask-less member of public

A commission has rejected an employer's claims that reinstating a worker to his safety critical role, after it unfairly dismissed him for engaging in an altercation with a member of the public not wearing a face mask, was inappropriate because of the negative impact this could have on his mental health.


"Positive" safety duties moved for harassment Bill

PCBUs will be required by both anti-discrimination and employment laws to proactively eliminate work-related s-xual harassment and victimisation, under proposed amendments moved in the Federal Senate. Meanwhile, Western Australians have been asked to comment on whether to add a "positive duty" to the State's equal opportunity legislation.


Dismissal of scissor-wielding worker upheld despite "fight or flight" defence

A commission has rejected a "frightened elderly" worker's claim she was unfairly dismissed after pointing a pair of industrial scissors at a co-worker. She claimed she was provoked and reacted instinctively with a "fight or flight" response.


Drug trafficker retains weekly work injury payments

A "totally incapacitated" worker who was awarded nearly $320,000, before being found guilty of trafficking methamphetamines and accused of an "even more egregious" act, has been granted ongoing compensation, after her former employer challenged her entitlements through breach-of-mutuality provisions.


Wilful misrepresentation defeats work injury claim

A major government employer has been found not liable for a worker's psychological injuries linked to a customer-aggression emergency, based on her "wilful and false representation" that she had not suffered a similar condition before.


Judge overturns WHS intimidation verdict

A union official has successfully challenged a ruling that he contravened WHS laws in intimidating a safety inspector during a discussion on a site's evacuation plan, where the inspector cast "apparently demeaning aspersions" against the union.


Parliamentary review makes 10 safety recommendations

A trauma-informed response mechanism and a "serious incident team" should be established to cover critical gaps in the ability of Commonwealth parliamentary workplaces to respond to serious incidents, a review prompted by the alleged rape of a staffer has found.

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