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Apprentice injured in superior's absence, director fined

A PCBU and its director have been fined $150,000 and $15,000 respectively, after unsupervised apprentices were allocated a high-risk task, which injured one of them, when a qualified technician took sick leave.


WHS fines top $320k in latest multi-prosecution case

A PCBU that endangered "other persons" by allowing an unqualified worker to perform high-risk crane work has been convicted and fined $170,000, in the latest of a series of cases involving the prosecution of multiple duty holders.


Second PCBU fined over unused harnesses and death

A PCBU that supplied harnesses for height work, but unlawfully relied on a subcontractor to provide safety instructions and supervision to workers, has been convicted and fined after the subcontractor "tragically" failed to use the harnesses, resulting in a fatal fall.


PTSD a foreseeable risk from machine safety flaws: court

In an unusual case, a PCBU has been convicted and fined for guarding and supervision breaches that did not result in a serious safety incident or injuries, with a court identifying post-traumatic stress disorder as one of the serious injury risks workers were exposed to.


Safety complacency results in death, multiple penalties

Employers have been urged to boost their safety standards by maintaining a sense of "chronic unease", after a company and two individuals were convicted and fined over a young worker's death attributed to a workplace culture of complacency.


Safety supervisor fails to restore competency status

A workplace supervisor charged with failing to discharge his safety obligations, in relation to a fatality, has been refused Supreme Court orders restoring his certificate of competency and ability to remain employed.


Nominal WHS fines top $1.25m after modifications death

A PCBU has been handed a record WHS penalty, while a second PCBU has been fined heavily, after they failed to prohibit or halt impromptu modifications to "extremely powerful" plant, and a worker was crushed to death.


Inexperienced worker left alone, PCBU fined $450k

An employer has been convicted and fined $450,000 over a fatality, after a practice of leaving a worker alone to perform high-risk work "developed into a procedure in its own right" to allow his supervisor to complete residual tasks like paperwork.


Fatal risk discussed but not addressed, fine quadrupled

A PCBU's WHS fine over a worker's death in a fall has been increased four-fold to $300,000, with an appeals court finding the fatal risk would have been obvious from a single "glance" at the relevant work area, and the PCBU's safety personnel failed to take steps to reduce the risk despite discussing it in meetings.

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