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Company bypassed Code of Practice and safety policies

A development company that disregarded a Code of Practice and its own procedures, apparently to save two hours of work, has been fined for safety breaches.


Unsafe BHP work road caused PTSD

Resources giant BHP has been ordered to pay nearly $600,000 in damages to a worker who was injured in an incident that also attracted a safety fine. The man hurt his back and developed post-traumatic stress disorder after an unsafe BHP road forced him to engage in dangerous driving.


Workplace recklessness not established by DPP

An employer charged with recklessly altering its safety management system has been acquitted, in an appeals court case examining the state of mind of a senior manager.


High safety fine imposed under tougher penalty regime

An employer has been fined $450,000, over an injury-causing fall, in one of the first cases finalised under Western Australia's toughened penalty regime, while a business with a poor communication system has been fined heavily over a fatal forklift incident.


Employer fined $102k; "Top 10" chemicals targeted; more

  • Employer fined $102k over work basket detachment;
  • "Top 10 hazardous chemicals" targeted by NSW guidance; and
  • Regulators issue asbestos warnings, target illegal imports.

Director jailed for allowing fatal gross negligence

A company director charged over a fatal fall has been sentenced to the longest term of imprisonment ever imposed for a work health and safety offence in Australia, while his Western Australian company has received a State record high fine of $605,000.


SWMS missing and irrelevant to fatal task

An employer with a "useless" safe work method statement has been fined for five workplace safety breaches, after a young worker was killed by an unsecured concrete panel.


Forklift speeding and isolation breach lead to safety fines

A worker who was observed driving a forklift dangerously in a shared car park, and then refused to cooperate with safety inspectors, has been convicted and fined for safety breaches. Meanwhile, regulators have issued warnings after a storage-racking fatality and on the increasing number of serious incidents on non-isolated machinery.

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