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FWC rejects worker's vaccine claims and $50m clause

A commission has upheld the dismissal of a worker for refusing to get regular flu shots. The man claimed his employer's vaccine directions involved unlawful coercion, and it should have agreed to pay him millions of dollars in compensation for any adverse effects from vaccines or masks.


Beware burnout "cure" and other work wellbeing myths

Pervasive wellbeing myths that block employers from improving their workers' wellbeing, and can waste time and money, include that paid mental health leave "cures" burnout, and wellbeing apps can replace social support, a new report has warned.


"Suitable employment" duties clarified on appeal

An employer's duty to provide suitable work for injured employees does not extend to previously injured workers whose incapacities have ceased, a tribunal full bench has confirmed in an important case.


COVID plan drives home fatal forklift and truck risks

The controversial plan to reduce age limits for forklift drivers and ease other licensing requirements for the COVID-19 pandemic has served as an important reminder, to employers, on the risks associated with forklifts and in the country's "deadliest industry".


Injury from recertification process wasn't work-related

A worker has unsuccessfully claimed his employer unreasonably withheld work from him after he recovered from a back injury and this caused his psychological condition. A tribunal found the "recertification" process that troubled the worker was "not work-related.


Unapproved electrical tool kills man, warning issued

A regulator has issued a warning on the dangers of unlicensed electrical work, after a homemade device inspired by internet videos killed a man. Another regulator has launched an investigation into a fatality involving a forklift and a shipping container.


Conduct Omicron risk assessments, or else; and more

  • Conduct Omicron risk assessments or face walk-offs, employers told;
  • Occupational lung diseases targeted in ACT; and
  • WHS amendments for quads take effect in Tas.

How to make workplace health programs more effective

Programs for improving health and wellbeing in male-dominated workplaces are often ineffective, but UK researchers have identified ways to break down the barriers to engagement.

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