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PC examines WHS duties under "forced experiment"

In a major report on Australia's "forced experiment" - widespread working-from-home arrangements for the pandemic - the Productivity Commission has detailed employers' WHS duties to remote workers, examined the "right to disconnect" and called for an upcoming WHS review to address the issue.


Hazard control strategies explained for R U OK? Day

For R U OK? Day today, a clinical services expert has highlighted the difficulties of meeting work demands during the COVID-19 pandemic, and stressed that reaching out to colleagues can "spark a life-changing conversation". Meanwhile, a safety regulator has outlined how to develop a mentally healthy workplace through the risk management process.


Beware "boundaryless" work as flexibility increases

Minimising "boundaryless working hours" allows employees to recover and remain healthy, according to a study of nearly 9,000 workers that provides pertinent advice for COVID-19-driven flexible and remote work arrangements.


Reckless disregard shown for remote teenage worker

A man has been convicted of two category-1 WHS breaches - the first reckless conduct convictions recorded in his jurisdiction. After he was sentenced, a regulator slammed his workplace's stoic culture and the inaction of witnesses to a teenage worker's serious burns.


Parasitic infection found to be work-related

An employer has been found liable for the debilitating complications of a worker's parasitic disease, which he contracted while deployed to a remote area without any training, personal protective equipment or health checks.


Unsafe BHP work road caused PTSD

Resources giant BHP has been ordered to pay nearly $600,000 in damages to a worker who was injured in an incident that also attracted a safety fine. The man hurt his back and developed post-traumatic stress disorder after an unsafe BHP road forced him to engage in dangerous driving.

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