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Industrial action "dressed up" as safety meeting, but bid for stop-action orders denied

An employer has lost its bid for orders preventing "safety meetings" constituting unlawful industrial action over a worker's injury compensation claim, with a commission dismissing its contention that future action is planned, and highlighting the possible ramifications for workers of such orders.


Convoy injury satisfies "substantial connection" test

The decision of two workers to drive home in convoy after night shifts created a "real and substantial connection" between their employment and an accident that led to one of them developing post-traumatic stress disorder, a commission has ruled.


"Superior" compensation announced for vaccine injuries

After successfully pushing for presumptive workers' compensation and death benefits for prescribed workers who contract COVID-19, the NSW Greens have announced laws creating a "far superior scheme" than the Federal Government's new no-fault vaccine claims process.


Pain impairment assessments vary from five to 56%

A superior court has ordered the redetermination of worker's chronic pain claim, after finding earlier decisions against the man failed to abide by the strict diagnostic criteria for these types of conditions.


Lack of refresher training leads to pinning and prosecution

An employer that failed to re-induct or provide refresher training to a worker, when he was transferred to a different department, has been fined for safety breaches, after the man was struck by a 2.3-tonne load in a forklift incident.


Unskilled workers unlawfully allowed to do hot work

An employer that allowed an informal work practice to develop, where unqualified personnel performed hot work, has been fined $180,000, after a drum exploded and caused serious injuries.

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