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Q2 2021: Legislation, caselaw and COVID review

In this major report, OHS Alert examines all the key safety developments from the second quarter of 2021, including the move towards mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for workers, the jailing of a company director, inquests into four work deaths, including a murder, important cases, and significant legislative changes.


WHS manslaughter Bill increases fines by 1,000%

The maximum fine for industrial manslaughter in the ACT will jump from less than $2 million to $16.5 million, under a new Bill that transfers the offence from the Crimes Act to the WHS Act, and expands the coverage of the laws.


Antarctic WHS case quashed in ruling on practicability

A Commonwealth agency has been acquitted of WHS charges, on appeal, relating to the hypothermia death of a contract helicopter pilot. A court found a key measure the agency was accused of failing to implement was not reasonably practicable.


Industrial death principles; Legislative changes; and more

  • Endorsed industrial death principles released by SWA;
  • Dangerous goods and environmental duties amended in Vic; and
  • Labour-hire scheme with WHS clauses starts in ACT tomorrow.

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