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Q4 2021: Legislation, caselaw and COVID review

An important ruling on the WHS consultation duties around COVID-19 vaccines, several reckless conduct cases and a string of legislative developments were among the safety and workers' comp highlights of the final quarter of 2021. Read this article for everything you need to know from the past three months.


Conduct Omicron risk assessments, or else; and more

  • Conduct Omicron risk assessments or face walk-offs, employers told;
  • Occupational lung diseases targeted in ACT; and
  • WHS amendments for quads take effect in Tas.

Qantas's frustration over safety reports wasn't bullying

A worker's superiors' "hostility" towards his raising of safety concerns did not amount to bullying, a commission has found in rejecting his bid for stop-bullying orders requiring his employer to fully investigate his defect reports.


OHS Alert highlights from the past three months

This is OHS Alert's final article of the year, and we're leaving you with a review of some of our most-viewed stories from the fourth quarter of 2021.


Incentives flagged for fatigue and distraction controls

Employers that voluntarily fit their vehicles with autonomous early braking systems and other safety technologies could be designated as preferred contractors for government work, under a recommendation from an inquest into a child's death in a road accident.


PCBU fined over death, but recklessness charges dropped

A judge has discussed the interaction of the WHS duties of companies and the specialist skills of their subcontractors, in sentencing one of nine entities charged with serious safety offences, including manslaughter and reckless conduct, after a pedestrian worker was killed by a crane.


Big injury damages bill upheld for negligent maintenance

An appeals court has upheld a multimillion-dollar damages ruling (with minor variations), confirming a contractor was vicariously liable for a technician's negligent act that caused four workers to sustain injuries in a jolting lift.

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