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Convoy injury satisfies "substantial connection" test

The decision of two workers to drive home in convoy after night shifts created a "real and substantial connection" between their employment and an accident that led to one of them developing post-traumatic stress disorder, a commission has ruled.


Inquiry blames "safety crisis" on big companies, pay rates

Regulatory strategies aimed at curbing drug use, speeding and driving while fatigued in the heavy vehicle sector are doing little to address the systemic causes of this behaviour, highlighting the urgent need for an independent body empowered to eliminate unsafe economic practices, a Senate inquiry has found.


Workers suffering low sleep "efficiency", need training

Sleep surveillance should be part of routine workplace training and medical assessment procedures for industries where fatigue is a safety risk factor, UK researchers say in a study demonstrating the prevalence of low sleep efficiency.


Work safety measures put to FIFO harassment inquiry

Accommodation facilities for workers should be equipped with "panic buttons", specially trained security personnel and other safety measures, unions have told a parliamentary inquiry into the harassment of women in the fly-in-fly-out industry.


Worker handed COVID fine; Blitz sends warning; more

  • FIFO worker handed COVID fine for leaving room;
  • Fatality fine and blitz send height warning to employers; and
  • Asbestos-levy cut to save businesses $1.2m in Tas.

Animal products, junk food linked to unsafe work lapses

Promoting healthy diets among workers can have a positive impact on safety performance, according to researchers, who found truck drivers who eat more vegetables and coarse grains are less likely to exhibit dangerous driving.


Beware insomnia-related emotional issues, safety risks

Sleep problems not only erode workers' cognitive abilities but also how they control their emotions, creating health and safety risks during emotionally challenging events, according to researchers calling for "sleep leadership" in workplaces.


Worksite upgrades ordered for anti-alcohol plans

A major employer's proposed alcohol restrictions for remote locations are unlikely to endanger workers' mental health, but the company should consult with unions on alternative measures before implementing the rules, the Fair Work Commission has found.


"Evening-type" workers at risk of impaired cognition

Workers whose body clocks favour evenings are at a significantly greater risk of "poor work ability", suggesting "morningness-eveningness" questionnaires should influence workplace health promotions and scheduling, researchers say.

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