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Rapid antigen testing crucial for WHS; and more

  • Rapid antigen tests key to workplace safety and reopening: ACCI; and
  • Mass breaches and speeding targeted by safety regulator.

Manslaughter charges explained; Vaccines mandated; more

  • WHS incidents behind manslaughter prosecutions revealed;
  • Recently prosecuted employer charged after falling-object death; and
  • Another state mandates COVID vaccines for health workers.

Planned vaccine changes defy risk-based framework

High-profile health and safety lawyer Michael Tooma has raised serious concerns about proposed vaccine-related amendments to WHS statements of regulatory intent, while the Victorian Government has urged people to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible, in reintroducing its permit system for workers.


Unassessed changes, "mimed" inductions preceded death

A workplace fatality, which led to a $250,000 WHS fine, occurred in circumstances where the contrast between the instructions provided to workers with limited English and what supervisors allowed to occur gave rise "to an understandable level of confusion about what was, and was not, permitted", an inquest has found.


First-aid records from past decade demanded by tribunal

An employer has been ordered to produce its first-aid records and incident reports from the past 10 years, for an injured worker's bid to show the workplace's vibrations and "jolts" were capable of causing serious neck, back and hand conditions.


Two states step up COVID activities; Union charged; more

  • Two states step up workplace COVID compliance activities;
  • Unionists accused of breaching site's COVID and WHS rules; and
  • Did you miss our latest major WHS and COVID review?

Q2 2021: Legislation, caselaw and COVID review

In this major report, OHS Alert examines all the key safety developments from the second quarter of 2021, including the move towards mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for workers, the jailing of a company director, inquests into four work deaths, including a murder, important cases, and significant legislative changes.


Employer wins appeal against mouse-clicking decision

A superior court has quashed a finding that an occupational physician's incomplete answer in a report on a worker's injury was a deliberate omission pointing to a link between the injury and computer work.


Workplace COVID updates from NSW, WA, Tas and Vic

NSW has extended its COVID-19 lockdown and face mask rule for work offices, while Western Australia has retained its workplace face mask requirement under easing restrictions, and Tasmania is applying its check-in rule to more types of venues. Victoria is dropping its face mask rule for many workplaces tomorrow night.

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