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Diligent task planning required for older personnel: study

Employers have been urged to take special care to adapt work tasks for their older employees in physically demanding jobs, after a major European study conclusively showed these workers are far more likely to experience long-term sickness absences.


Vital work protections dropped from COVID order: SDA

The NSW Government's decision to ease face mask rules under its temporary COVID-19 restrictions is exposing frontline workers to unnecessary health and safety risks, a union has warned in calling for people to ignore the change and continue wearing masks.


"Walk the same journey" from all safety perspectives

Workers are being put at risk of musculoskeletal injuries by employers' hasty decisions around the procurement of machines and equipment, according to a leading ergonomics expert.


Workers' sun safety knowledge not reflected in behaviour

Forgetfulness is the most common barrier to using sun protection, even for workers with good knowledge and attitudes toward sun safety, highlighting the importance of workplace reminder systems, Australian researchers have found.


Routine tasks causing occupational asthma: 18-year study

It is well known that chemical accidents can expose workers to hazardous irritants, but employers need to be aware that exposure often occurs during everyday "controlled" tasks, a study of 18 years' data on occupational asthmas has shown.


"Disgraceful" WHS breaches rife in gig sector, blitz finds

Six gig economy companies have been issued safety notices after a Sydney blitz revealed widespread non-compliance with WHS laws, with breaches including the absence of hi-vis gear and explicit health and safety instructions.


Target young workers' health before it's "too late"

Workers who enter the job market when they're relatively young are more susceptible to developing habits that cause obesity and disability, meaning young employees should be the target of workplace health programs addressing the root of unhealthy behaviours, researchers say.


"Myth-busting" resource shows DV is a major WHS issue

Violence continues into the workplace for many workers experiencing domestic violence and it is time to challenge the "myth" that this is not a workplace issue, according to Diversity Council Australia and violence against women prevention organisation Our Watch.


Workplace e-cigarette warning; Diesel charges; and more

  • Workplace e-cigarette explosion triggers fatal-risk warning;
  • Company accused of increasing workplace diesel risks; and
  • NSW WHS investigations standard aimed at improving transparency.

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