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Employer responded reasonably to psych risk: judge

Courts should not place an "absolute and unremitting" duty of care on employers to protect the mental health of their employees, a judge has warned in dismissing a psychologically injured worker's negligence claim.


Blood pressure levels slashed by white-collar strategy

A ground-breaking study of thousands of white-collar workers has found psychosocial interventions, like slowing the implementation of large projects to prevent excessive workload, significantly reduce the risk of hypertension, with the benefits lasting for years.


Workplace app boosts wellbeing in midst of COVID crisis

A cheap "ambulatory" psychological health intervention provided to frontline workers, in a region hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, boosted participants' positive emotions within minutes, helping them cope with distressing situations, a study has found.


Employer liable for aorta injury from emotional distress

A worker's emotional distress from his newly created role inflaming rather than easing tensions between departments, and becoming increasingly complex, was a significant contributing factor to his high blood pressure and aorta tear, a tribunal has found.


"Bali hut" repairs covered by mental injury provisions

A worker who developed post-traumatic stress disorder after being violently assaulted in the course of his employment has been awarded the costs of repairing his backyard "Bali hut", with a tribunal finding the services satisfied the "assisting to cope" test under workers' comp laws.


Tackle work stress through elimination, substitution plans

Employers should apply the hierarchy of controls to psychosocial hazards and seek to eliminate the risk of work stress "through job design and safe systems of work", according to a new WorkSafe Victoria guide to preventing and managing work-related stress.


Beware suicide-causing "iso-strain" and COVID impact

Workers experiencing a lack of social support and "iso-strain" are at higher risk of suicide, especially when confronted with high emotional and physical demands, a study revealing the high suicide rate in Australian support workers has found.


Very poor health and distress increasing crash risks

Employers are being urged to devote more resources to the health and wellbeing of truck drivers, with the ongoing Driving Health study finding nearly a third of drivers suffer multiple health conditions, significantly increasing their risk of crashing.

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