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Nurse's return-to-work duties contributed to carpal tunnel

The causation of carpal tunnel syndrome continues to be a vexed issue for workers' compensation tribunals, with one recently concluding that a nurse's work in a busy emergency department was a significant contributing factor in her developing bilateral CTS.


Employer liable for aorta injury from emotional distress

A worker's emotional distress from his newly created role inflaming rather than easing tensions between departments, and becoming increasingly complex, was a significant contributing factor to his high blood pressure and aorta tear, a tribunal has found.


Stroke death rightly linked to work twist: bench majority

A tribunal full bench majority has upheld an "intuitive reasoning" finding that a worker's fatal stroke was caused by him turning his head at work, and connected to his employment.


Judges disagree on scope of work-related journey laws

Two judges have ruled that there was not a substantial connection between a worker's employment and his injury-causing fall from his work vehicle in his driveway, but a dissenting judge found the man was injured while performing work duties.


"Bali hut" repairs covered by mental injury provisions

A worker who developed post-traumatic stress disorder after being violently assaulted in the course of his employment has been awarded the costs of repairing his backyard "Bali hut", with a tribunal finding the services satisfied the "assisting to cope" test under workers' comp laws.


Adversarial RTW process contributed to hypertension

A worker's painful injury, unsuccessful return to work with bullying co-workers, and "frustrating dealings" with rehabilitation managers, rendered his hypertension a workplace injury, a tribunal has found.


Journey claim allowed under less stringent provisions

An injury sustained by an on-call worker in his work vehicle in the driveway of his home occurred in the course of his employment, either because he was carrying out his duties or there was a "real and substantial connection" between the employment and his "journey", a judge has ruled.


Bench rejects worker's take on social-activity injuries

A tribunal full bench has rejected a worker's claim that injuries sustained during work-related social or sporting activities attract a different, stand-alone compensability test to other injuries.

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