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Rapid antigen testing crucial for WHS; and more

  • Rapid antigen tests key to workplace safety and reopening: ACCI; and
  • Mass breaches and speeding targeted by safety regulator.

Iconic company enters WHS undertaking after amputation

A famous Australian bootmaker has designed new tools and committed to adopting AS/NZS 45001:2018, with regular compliance audits, under an enforceable undertaking, after a worker with no experience with a new material had a finger amputated.


Employer enters EU over electrocution risk; drug trafficker denied labour-hire licence

An employer has agreed to implement a new permit system and other enforceable undertakings after a safety inspector witnessed its excavator enter the "no go zone" of powerlines. Meanwhile, a drug trafficker has been denied a labour-hire licence in one of a recent spate of refusals.


PCBU addresses language barriers in WHS undertaking

A PCBU will translate a range of WHS materials to prevent communication breakdowns and risks among non-English-speaking workers, and contribute $50,000 to a regulatory campaign, after it was accused of WHS breaches resulting in glass falling on a public street.


University enters WHS EU after alleged guarding breach

A large employer is implementing a comprehensive high-risk-area inspection system under one of a series of safety undertakings and rectifications - costing a total of nearly $400,000 - which it committed to after a worker's hand was injured in a poorly guarded machine.


EU commitment includes AS/NZS ISO 45001 certification

A PCBU accused of fall-related breaches has committed to developing and certifying a safety management system against AS/NZS ISO 45001, under a $274,000 WHS undertaking in which much of the spend will go towards initiatives that mature safety organisations already have.


Fatality prompts record $4.5m spend on EU and more

A major PCBU has committed to a record WHS undertaking spend, including on strategies tackling an anticipated surge in infrastructure safety risks, after a worker was killed by moving plant.


Are key SWMS messages getting through to workers?

In a $586,000 WHS undertaking, a PCBU has launched a research study into effectively communicating the key "high-risk messages" in safe work method statements, following an incident resulting from SWMS-compliance failures on the first working day of the year in 2018.

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