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Bullying triggers and WHS duties detailed by NSW probe

The NSW Government has committed to adopting a string of recommendations on the anti-bullying policies for ministerial offices, made in a report examining the WHS duties of MPs and "officers", and best practice bullying-response procedures used in the private sector and other jurisdictions.


Employer's bullying damages work safety culture: FWC

A worker's senior managers bullied him by relentlessly pushing him to admit his wrongdoing after a WHS incident, to the detriment of the workplace's safety culture, the Fair Work Commission has found in agreeing to issue stop-bullying orders.


Dickens cited in ruling on six-year work bullying case

After years of "almost farcical" proceedings, a judge has set a date for determining a worker's claim he was relentlessly bullied and tormented at his Canberra workplace, which was the subject of a major WHS probe and scathing findings.


Mandatory WHS training demanded for parliamentarians

Bullying, s-xual harassment and s-xual assault in parliamentary workplaces will continue to "fester and go unpunished" without WHS amendments and mandatory safety training for MPs and their staff, unionists have claimed in issuing five demands to the Federal Government.


Contracts unlawfully scrapped after bullying complaints

A consulate has been ordered to pay two workers lost wages and will face pecuniary penalties, for refusing to renew their employment contracts after they applied to the Fair Work Commission for stop-bullying orders.


Anti-bullying orders necessitated by victim's behaviour

Workplace bullying victims' own actions need to be considered when determining whether there is a risk of ongoing bullying for the purposes of stop-bullying applications, a commission has highlighted in making draft orders for a major employer to transfer an applicant.


WHS and harassment scrutiny switches to Cmlth Parl

A harassment-related overhaul of Australia's WHS laws is starting to appear inevitable, with the launch of yet another inquiry into bullying and s-xual harassment and into the culture of parliamentary workplaces.


Effective WHS frameworks prevent harassment: review

Preventing workplace s-xual harassment hinges on WHS frameworks that shift "the obligation from victims reporting harassment to employers managing risk" - a PCBU duty receiving increasing attention from safety regulators, the review of harassment in the South Australian Parliament has shown.

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