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Model WHS amendments hinted in consultation review

The model WHS laws could be amended to increase the focus on psychological health, with the public consultation process for the ongoing review of the laws identifying widespread concerns over this issue and the absence of a "notification trigger" for psychological injuries.


High Court to rule on reach of model WHS laws

The High Court will determine whether the harmonised WHS laws extend to all workplaces and operate in conjunction with other legislation that previously "covered the field", after granting a regulator special leave to appeal against the quashing of fatality-related charges.


37 questions posed for national WHS review

Safe Work Australia has launched the public consultation process for the review of the model WHS laws, posing 37 questions for discussion and pointing to the reasons why industrial manslaughter provisions weren't included in the Act.


Territory moves to quash HSR and entry powers

Another jurisdiction has proposed amending its mirror WHS Act to reduce union-entry and HSR powers, despite acknowledging that there is "little if any" evidence of these powers being abused.


Q4 2014 - Special anniversary quarterly update

The final quarter of 2014 was a busy three months for workplace health and safety and workers' compensation, with major legislative changes and other developments in all jurisdictions. What did you miss?


New safety regulations commence

New safety laws have taken effect in most jurisdictions this month, while some planned regulations have been scrapped.


Q3 2014: What you need to know from July, August and September

In this update, OHS Alert examines the most important workplace safety and workers' comp news from the third quarter of 2014, including Safe Work Australia's controversial decision to dump draft Codes of Practice in favour of guidance packages, and other legislative developments.


Do the costs of WHS provisions outweigh the benefits?

A new paper from the Northern Territory has questioned whether the costs of the model WHS legislation's provisions on principal contractors and audiometric testing outweigh the benefits.

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