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Hasty redundancy process injured worker

An employer has been found liable for a worker's psych injury because it "blindsided" him with a redundancy meeting shortly after he returned to work from long-term sick leave, during which he was induced to believe his job was secure.


Jail for $270k workers' comp fraud upheld on appeal

A worker jailed for workers' compensation fraud, involving a dog attack and nearly $270,000 in payments, has unsuccessfully argued, on appeal, that his prison sentence was manifestly excessive.


Damages for unsafe-seat injury boosted to nearly $1m

A worker who successfully sued his employer for negligently providing him with a faulty vehicle seat has been awarded an additional $202,708 in damages, with an appeals court finding a trial judge underestimated his likely economic loss from a back injury.


Injury accrual rights confirmed by follow-up judgment

A commission has reaffirmed that workers' compensation payments constitute "pay", as established in a recent important decision on the relationship between workers' comp arrangements and the accrual of annual and sick leave.


Work spray didn't trigger worker's chemical sensitivity

A court has rejected a worker's claims her employer caused her to develop a debilitating chemical sensitivity syndrome by negligently failing to prevent a common cleaning chemical from being used in her presence.


Employer's mobile-plant failings didn't cause injury: judge

An employer failed to take reasonable care of a worker in allowing unqualified personnel to operate mobile machinery, but was not responsible for the injuries the worker sustained after he threw a heavy object at an inexperienced operator, a court has found.


IRC rules on leave accrual during workers' comp absences

In an important decision on a contentious issue, a commission has found a worker was not "absent without pay" when he was off work on workers' comp benefits, and had been entitled to accrue annual and sick leave.


Wrong causal test applied to death from stressful hearing

An employer has been granted a second opportunity to challenge claims that a worker's work injury was causally connected to her fatal heart attack, which was triggered by the stress of attending a hearing to defend her workers' comp claim.


Worker awarded $1m after falling in after-hours incident

A worker who fell through a workplace roof while investigating a malfunction, which he noticed while driving past the site outside of his normal hours, was not contributorily negligent, a court has found in awarding him nearly $1 million in damages for his injuries.


Worker exposed to obvious loading risk, wins $350k

An employer that accused an injured worker of workers' comp fraud has been ordered to pay the man $350,000 in damages, with a judge finding it negligently failed to implement a safe system for a frequently repeated task.

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