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Worksite upgrades ordered for anti-alcohol plans

A major employer's proposed alcohol restrictions for remote locations are unlikely to endanger workers' mental health, but the company should consult with unions on alternative measures before implementing the rules, the Fair Work Commission has found.


Alcohol wrongly blamed for worker's psych injury

Two employers have unsuccessfully attempted to avoid liability for workplace injuries by (in the first case) relying on a consultant psychiatrist's unfounded claim that a worker was a "heavy drinker", and (in the second) contending a condition arose from a non-work-related restraining order application.


Night work linked to dangerous drinking and WHS risks

Night shift workers are significantly more likely to engage in "extreme" drinking behaviour than other staff, warranting workplace interventions providing self-monitoring strategies and sleep education to prevent the associated WHS risks, researchers say.


Sleep studies show risks of work stress and sleeping pills

Two sleep studies have highlighted the prevalence of work stress-related insomnia symptoms, the risks associated with workers taking sleeping pills to fall asleep and the need for interventions that promote the safe use of these hypnotic drugs.


Safety lawyer's tips for COVID-safe end-of-year parties

End-of-year work celebrations are likely to be very different this year due to COVID-19, with mental health issues and the possibility of restricting attendee numbers just some of the new things to think about, a senior safety lawyer says.


Drink-driver lawfully sacked under site safety rules

An employer acted reasonably in enforcing its safety requirements by refusing to support a worker's application for an extraordinary driver's licence after he lost his licence for drink driving, a commission has found in upholding his dismissal.


Employers have key role in war on opioid disorders

There is an under-recognised link between work factors and opioid disorders and overdoses, but employers can play a "lifesaving" role by reducing the risks and improving their response strategies, researchers say.

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