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WHS EWP guide clarifies need for spotters, safety duties

Elevating work platforms have been linked to hundreds of workplace injuries and a string of fatalities, with incidents resulting from structural failures, collisions and poor ventilation, Safe Work Australia has warned in releasing new guidance on the hazardous equipment.


Admin controls "never enough" to control risk

Administrative safety controls over-rely on workers' judgement, leave no room for inadvertence or inattention, and are "never enough" on their own, a court has found in convicting an employer over crush injuries.


Protecting personnel and future-proofing organisations

Coinciding with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pilot of a major psychosocial safety climate program, delivered by Comcare and leading WHS experts, has shown how a pro-psychological health agenda can work quickly to protect staff.


Iconic company enters WHS undertaking after amputation

A famous Australian bootmaker has designed new tools and committed to adopting AS/NZS 45001:2018, with regular compliance audits, under an enforceable undertaking, after a worker with no experience with a new material had a finger amputated.


Court stresses safety value of permit-holder compliance

An entry permit holder's compliance with a site's directions and requests serves its own critical safety function, the Federal Court has stressed in imposing record entry fines on a union and six officials.


Injured worker not required to prove 51% surgery odds

Assessing the "likelihood" of an injured worker requiring a procedure is not a "more likely than not" determination, a tribunal has found in upholding a worker's bid for future surgery costs.

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