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"Superior" compensation announced for vaccine injuries

After successfully pushing for presumptive workers' compensation and death benefits for prescribed workers who contract COVID-19, the NSW Greens have announced laws creating a "far superior scheme" than the Federal Government's new no-fault vaccine claims process.


Lack of refresher training leads to pinning and prosecution

An employer that failed to re-induct or provide refresher training to a worker, when he was transferred to a different department, has been fined for safety breaches, after the man was struck by a 2.3-tonne load in a forklift incident.


Unskilled workers unlawfully allowed to do hot work

An employer that allowed an informal work practice to develop, where unqualified personnel performed hot work, has been fined $180,000, after a drum exploded and caused serious injuries.


Major company faces more dust charges, SWA issues advice

Boral subsidiaries in two states have been charged with breaching workplace health and safety laws in failing to adequately protect workers from airborne silica dust, while a small business has been charged with similar contraventions. The developments coincide with Safe Work Australia's call for employers to prevent lung diseases through the hierarchy of controls.


Are employers liable for vaccine-reaction injuries?

Icare NSW has revealed circumstances where workers who suffer adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines could be eligible for workers' compensation, while the State Government has announced legislation to improve the workers' comp system and clarify the powers of its WHS regulator and other bodies.


COVID vaccine fines imposed, more mandates coming

A WHS regulator has confirmed that three workplaces have been fined heavily for COVID-19 vaccination breaches, while a survey has found many businesses are looking to mandate vaccines, and highlighted associated concerns around labour-hire arrangements.


Will safety-notification penalties prevent gig deaths?

The $200,000-plus fine imposed on Uber in NSW, for failing to report serious safety incidents to a regulator, is a "slap on the wrist" that won't prevent fatalities and highlights the need for Federal controls, a union claims.

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