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9 parties fined in latest case on WHS "resolution" clause

In the latest major case on a WHS provision for "resolving" disputes, a union and eight of its officials have been fined for right-of-entry breaches at an incident-strewn infrastructure project.


Excessive sitting claim dismissed

A tribunal has rejected a worker's claim that he developed a back injury from prolonged workplace sitting. The worker contended his case was supported by his employer's safety documents on sedentary risks, and a failure to provide him with an adjustable desk in a timely manner.


WHS EWP guide clarifies need for spotters, safety duties

Elevating work platforms have been linked to hundreds of workplace injuries and a string of fatalities, with incidents resulting from structural failures, collisions and poor ventilation, Safe Work Australia has warned in releasing new guidance on the hazardous equipment.


Rapid antigen testing crucial for WHS; and more

  • Rapid antigen tests key to workplace safety and reopening: ACCI; and
  • Mass breaches and speeding targeted by safety regulator.

Protecting personnel and future-proofing organisations

Coinciding with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pilot of a major psychosocial safety climate program, delivered by Comcare and leading WHS experts, has shown how a pro-psychological health agenda can work quickly to protect staff.


Record WHS fine follows foreseeable live-fire death

The Department of Defence has been handed a record WHS fine of $1 million, over the second of two similar fatal training incidents resulting in the prosecution of the PCBU.


Major company faces more dust charges, SWA issues advice

Boral subsidiaries in two states have been charged with breaching workplace health and safety laws in failing to adequately protect workers from airborne silica dust, while a small business has been charged with similar contraventions. The developments coincide with Safe Work Australia's call for employers to prevent lung diseases through the hierarchy of controls.


Parasitic infection found to be work-related

An employer has been found liable for the debilitating complications of a worker's parasitic disease, which he contracted while deployed to a remote area without any training, personal protective equipment or health checks.

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