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Antarctic WHS case quashed in ruling on practicability

A Commonwealth agency has been acquitted of WHS charges, on appeal, relating to the hypothermia death of a contract helicopter pilot. A court found a key measure the agency was accused of failing to implement was not reasonably practicable.


Worker wins $5.6m for injuries triggered by site clutter

An employer's failure to address the obvious risks posed by its "incredibly cluttered" warehouse set off a "catastrophic" sequence of events, and has led to a $5.6 million damages award to an injured worker.


Dickens cited in ruling on six-year work bullying case

After years of "almost farcical" proceedings, a judge has set a date for determining a worker's claim he was relentlessly bullied and tormented at his Canberra workplace, which was the subject of a major WHS probe and scathing findings.


Rushed worker denied headset, wins injury damages

An employer has been ordered to pay $120,000 in damages to an office worker who was injured while running to answer the phone, in a case highlighting the risks posed by systems requiring staff to rush.


Failure to provide safety equipment costs venture $1.3m

A worker with serious strain and lifting injuries has been awarded $1.3 million in damages, with a court finding his employer, a major joint-venture company, could have prevented the risks through simple precautions, including one involving a $400 spend.


Inexperienced worker's crane blunder costs man $532k

A business owner has been handed a $532,000 injury damages bill, after a superior court found he was vicariously liable for an inexperienced worker incorrectly manipulating a crane's controls and knocking over a colleague.


Negligent work lapse leads to lift jolt, big damages bill

A maintenance contractor has been ordered to pay a total of nearly $2.4 million in damages to four workers, after its failure to take adequate care when maintaining a component of a lift caused the lift to malfunction and injure the workers.


Court of Appeal examines occupiers' duties to contractors

A major employer's duties as the occupier of a premises did not extend to ensuring a specialist contractor, engaged by another company, strictly complied with suitable safe work method statements, an appeals court has confirmed in an important damages case.

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