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"Disgraceful" WHS breaches rife in gig sector, blitz finds

Six gig economy companies have been issued safety notices after a Sydney blitz revealed widespread non-compliance with WHS laws, with breaches including the absence of hi-vis gear and explicit health and safety instructions.


Do you help or hinder workers with chronic conditions?

An excessive focus on preventing sick leave, and the absence of "preventive support", are common to interventions for workers with chronic conditions, according to researchers who say employers need to move away from reactive measures.


Beware insomnia-related emotional issues, safety risks

Sleep problems not only erode workers' cognitive abilities but also how they control their emotions, creating health and safety risks during emotionally challenging events, according to researchers calling for "sleep leadership" in workplaces.


"Evening-type" workers at risk of impaired cognition

Workers whose body clocks favour evenings are at a significantly greater risk of "poor work ability", suggesting "morningness-eveningness" questionnaires should influence workplace health promotions and scheduling, researchers say.


Work noise slows reaction times at relatively low levels

Injury-causing fatigue and delayed reaction times in workers increase significantly as workplace noise levels increase, a simulation of a noisy workplace has shown.


Existing WHS laws apply to gig arrangements: taskforce

Gig economy companies are often accused of circumventing health and safety duties through their contracting structures, but draft guidance from a special taskforce shows these companies, their workers and businesses that utilise their services have obligations under existing WHS laws.


Being ignored at work, other bullying increase insomnia

Anti-bullying measures in workplaces can prevent insomnia and related hazardous symptoms in workers, according to researchers, who also investigated whether sleep problems can lead to bullying.

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