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Inquiry blames "safety crisis" on big companies, pay rates

Regulatory strategies aimed at curbing drug use, speeding and driving while fatigued in the heavy vehicle sector are doing little to address the systemic causes of this behaviour, highlighting the urgent need for an independent body empowered to eliminate unsafe economic practices, a Senate inquiry has found.


Workers suffering low sleep "efficiency", need training

Sleep surveillance should be part of routine workplace training and medical assessment procedures for industries where fatigue is a safety risk factor, UK researchers say in a study demonstrating the prevalence of low sleep efficiency.


Will safety-notification penalties prevent gig deaths?

The $200,000-plus fine imposed on Uber in NSW, for failing to report serious safety incidents to a regulator, is a "slap on the wrist" that won't prevent fatalities and highlights the need for Federal controls, a union claims.


Visibility issues, repetition and sitting increase risks

Poor visual or lighting conditions can cause workers to adopt poor postures to see better, resulting in musculoskeletal disorders, occupational medicine experts say.


Reduce telework "mismatch", prevent COVID-era injuries

The proliferation of telecommuting arrangements forced by the COVID-19 pandemic has been linked to health problems ranging from anxiety to back injuries and eye strain, but employers can prevent many of these conditions by identifying and addressing any "mismatch" between remote-work preference and frequency, a study has shown.


Providing proper breaks prevents injuries: unique study

A study of nearly 3,000 workers has found that the slack provision of employment standards for break lengths and other entitlements increases the risk of injuries and illnesses, and the problem is significantly exacerbated by inadequate safety controls.


Simple step dramatically reduces worker fatigue levels

A simple and often overlooked measure can have a significant positive impact on workers' alertness, energy levels and safety, a health and wellness expert and former AFL conditioning coach says.

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