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PC examines WHS duties under "forced experiment"

In a major report on Australia's "forced experiment" - widespread working-from-home arrangements for the pandemic - the Productivity Commission has detailed employers' WHS duties to remote workers, examined the "right to disconnect" and called for an upcoming WHS review to address the issue.


Beware "boundaryless" work as flexibility increases

Minimising "boundaryless working hours" allows employees to recover and remain healthy, according to a study of nearly 9,000 workers that provides pertinent advice for COVID-19-driven flexible and remote work arrangements.


Reduce telework "mismatch", prevent COVID-era injuries

The proliferation of telecommuting arrangements forced by the COVID-19 pandemic has been linked to health problems ranging from anxiety to back injuries and eye strain, but employers can prevent many of these conditions by identifying and addressing any "mismatch" between remote-work preference and frequency, a study has shown.


IBM targets employee health in post-COVID-19 era

Multinational technology giant IBM has revealed its post-pandemic health and wellbeing strategy, stressing that disrupted access to healthcare because of COVID-19 is likely to drive workers' health and wellbeing needs for years to come.


Tackling fatigue and maintaining boundaries under COVID-driven work changes

New ways of working are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and providing opportunities to improve workers' work-life balance and fatigue levels, but they must be provided with the skills to match the evolved workplace, an ex-US military sleep researcher says.

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