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PCBU fined for consultation and category-2 breaches

A PCBU that declined to act on the safety advice of an electrician has been convicted and fined for three serious WHS offences, including failing to consult and coordinate activities with the company tasked with installing and commissioning its imported plant.


Asbestos breaches endanger hundreds, guns injure four

A company and one of its directors have been fined, and handed a hefty decontamination bill, for embarking on a clean-up exercise that could have exposed hundreds of people to asbestos fibres. Meanwhile, a regulator has issued a warning to PCBUs following a "horror month" of nail gun incidents.


Near-record WHS fine follows control failures, fatality

A PCBU has been convicted and handed a near-record WHS penalty over the mechanical asphyxiation death of a worker in plant, with a safety measure that was assumed to be effective but not tested.


$6m WHS claim dismissed in cadaver ruling

A worker's $6 million adverse action claim has been rejected. He contended he was unlawfully sacked for protecting his own health and safety by refusing to work with cadavers emitting highly toxic fumes.


$115k WHS discrimination award overturned

An appeals tribunal has quashed a $115,160 WHS discrimination damages award for a worker, who claimed she was bullied, after finding her expressions of "fear" and "anxiety" in communications to senior staff did not amount to raising a WHS issue or concern.


Admin controls "never enough" to control risk

Administrative safety controls over-rely on workers' judgement, leave no room for inadvertence or inattention, and are "never enough" on their own, a court has found in convicting an employer over crush injuries.

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